5 reasons to choose an

outdoor concrete fire pit

Lightweight concrete is a durable and easy-to-maintain material,

ideal for designing outdoor concrete fire pits to suit your lifestyle and space.

There’s nothing better than gathering around a fire with friends or family while relaxing to the sound of a crackling fire at the end of a long day.

Outdoor fire pits are a stylish and functional addition to any backyard, deck or patio. Coupled with being a source of warmth in cooler temperatures, they also enhance your outdoor living space and furniture.

A fire pit can be constructed from various building materials, so long as they are fireproof and heat-resistant to prevent flames and embers from spreading outside the fire pit.

Concrete is favoured in fire pit design as it is less expensive than stone, glass or marble, and offers low maintenance, easy installation and durability.

To help guide you through the selection and purchase process, here are the 5 reasons to choose an outdoor concrete fire pit:



Since concrete is easy to work with, it allows you to pick the shape and size of your fireplace. Get inspired by browsing online and perusing landscaping magazines to discover which fire pit appeals to you.

If you have a large deck, a rectangular fire pit like the one pictured below can serve as the piece de resistance. Both imposing and minimalist, it invites you to gather around it, and you can even rest your wine glass on it.

If you’re looking for a smaller option or softer lines, a cylindrical or bowl-shaped fire pit might be the way to go.

A round outdoor concrete fire pit typically takes up less space and can be used as an accent piece instead of a centrepiece.

Versatility in design, size and shape means you can easily adapt your fireplace to your lifestyle and living space.



People choose concrete because of its durability and neutral tones. However, while concrete is a durable material, it is heavier than brick or metal.

A traditional outdoor concrete fire pit weighs a lot and can crack patio slabs. Therefore, certain types of decks require additional reinforcement prior to installation.

Fire pit manufacturers now offer an alternative solution: lightweight concrete. For example, Dekko offers concrete that is 60% lighter than traditional concrete, which means you can safely use it on your deck without reinforcement. With just a little help, you can even move your outdoor concrete fire pit if you feel like changing your outdoor decor.

Lightweight concrete also makes delivery and installation faster and safer. For example, traditional concrete fire pits often require a forklift or special installation procedures, which is not the case with lightweight concrete.



While some concrete fire pits are designed to burn wood, increasingly they require other fuel sources such as natural gas and propane.

These options allow you to light your fireplace instantly with a lighter, manage the height of the flame, and safely extinguish the fire when you are finished. There’s no need to wait for the coals to burn like you would with a wood fire.

Between the two, natural gas is generally considered the more practical fuel type, especially when integrating an outdoor concrete fire pit into an existing deck or yard. While it does have to be plugged in, you don’t need a tank for the life of the fire pit.

In comparison, propane offers an easier initial start-up. Simply obtain a tank, just as you would for a barbecue, and light the fire. You can connect your outdoor concrete fire pit to the permanent tank via a wire if you already have an indoor propane fireplace. You can then hire a company to come and fill the propane tank once a year or as needed depending on usage.



Who knew that an outdoor concrete fire pit needed accessories? Whether for aesthetics, safety, or simply to get the most out of your fire pit, several accessories are available.

Here are some available options:

Tempered-glass windscreen. This accessory protects flames from strong winds. It can withstand high temperatures and protects your hands, clothes, drinks and wooden fence. It can be used with a propane or natural gas fireplace table. Tank cover. A propane tank is a simple way to fuel your fire pit, but it’s not very aesthetically pleasing. A matching tank cover is a great way to hide the tank and make your fire pit look good. Protective cover. Extend the life of your fire pit by protecting it from the elements. Durable canvas covers are specially designed to fit your fire pit perfectly. A tight fit is essential to ensure maximum water tightness. Table cover. Whether you’ve purchased a large rectangular outdoor concrete fire pit or a smaller one, a table cover is a great way to make your fire pit a versatile part of your outdoor living space. A custom table cover conveniently turns your concrete fire pit into a coffee table or side table. Stones. Modern concrete fire pits typically have a burn area filled with stones or glass. Rocks and glass offer a glamorous look compared to the classic campfire aesthetic. When purchasing your outdoor concrete fire pit, ask about the selection of stones available.


Outdoor concrete fire pits are trendy and in demand these days. It’s important to remember that not all models are of the same quality. Before purchasing a fire pit, be sure to contact a supplier to discuss the best option in terms of durability, design, installation and maintenance to avoid mishaps and keep your fireplace in top condition. An outdoor design expert can also advise you on this. Opting for a slightly more expensive but higher-quality fire pit will allow you to enjoy it much longer. Known for their durability and made from pure concrete, Dekko fire pits will not peel, flake or require sealant. Concrete is increasingly sought after for outdoor landscaping as it is one of the most resistant materials used in the construction industry. Rain, snow or sleet, concrete fire pits easily survive Quebec’s four seasons. You can enjoy peace of mind for decades to come.

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If you’re thinking of designing a new outdoor living space or enhancing your current one with a touch of elegance, consider incorporating a lightweight outdoor concrete fire pit. Its neutral tones and clean, modern style suits almost any decor.

When it comes to outdoor concrete fire pits, the experts at Noblio can advise you on the shape, size, fuel type and location that best suits your needs and space.

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