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Motorized blinds in Montreal – Opt for motorized blinds for optimal comfort and protection

Add motorized blinds with a sober and elegant design to bring a touch of warm comfort to your outdoor space or your home

Our collection of motorized blinds offer a stylish solution for controlling light in your home or pergola using an app on your smartphone or just a push of a remote.

In addition, the motorization of the blinds allows an adjustable desired height and closing of the blinds without having to get up from your seat.

With competitive pricing and customizable shade system options to suit your needs, our line of motorized, vinyl-coated fiberglass shades are a perfect choice for creating ideal comfort in your living space.


Looking for motorized outdoor blinds to easily put you in the shade?

“The blinds with Kzip technology have a sober and elegant design allowing a warm screen with a highly technological mechanism that perfectly stretches the canvas ensuring protection against wind, rain and insects, while allowing privacy which thus enriches the use of the area requiring comfort”

Choose fiberglass motorized blinds by Noblio

Our motorized blinds offer many advantages over the competition due to their fiberglass design, compared to the polyester construction that you can find elsewhere on the market.

Why opt for fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a material that offers several advantages over traditional materials:

  • Corrosion resistance ;
  • Good structural strength;
  • Superior strength-to-weight ratio;
  • A high heat distortion temperature;
  • Electrically non-conductive;
  • Ability to be molded to precise tolerances;

What canvas options are available at Noblio?

Noblio offers a range of fabrics for its blinds which allows several options in terms of colors and opacity. Shop frames are available in black, gray, white, or another custom color, allowing homeowners to choose a color that works well with their home or office decor. Regarding the types of fabrics, Noblio offers two choices: the Natté fabric which is a rectangular weave or the Satiné fabric which is a twill or an oblique weave. The Natté fabric is also available in E Screen.

When it comes to fabric colours, Noblio offers three standard choices: Charcoal/Charcoal (930930), Grey/Charcoal (901930) and White/White (007501), as well as several custom choices. These options allow owners to customize their store according to their color and canvas texture preferences, while enjoying a premium product.


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What is a motorized blind?

A motorized blind is a type of blind that is equipped with a motorization system to facilitate its opening and closing. The motorization system is powered by electricity and can be controlled by different means such as wall switches, remote controls, smartphones, tablets or even home automation systems.

The advantage of motorized blinds is that they offer additional convenience compared to traditional manual blinds, as there is no need to manually manipulate the blinds to open or close them. Motorized blinds are also very useful for high or hard-to-reach windows, as they can be controlled remotely without the need for a ladder or other tools.

Noblio offers motorized fiberglass blinds!

What is fiberglass?

Fiberglass is really made of glass similar to windows or kitchen drinking glasses. To make fiberglass, glass is heated until it is molten, then forced through superfine holes. This creates extremely thin glass filaments – so thin, in fact, that they are best measured in microns.

How do our fiberglass blinds outperform the polyester competition?

Comparing fiberglass to polyester, fiberglass is:

  • 25% stronger and stronger than polyester
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers up to 99% UV blockage
  • Effective mosquito net
  • Long-term reliability because it won’t stretch, shrink or twist.
  • Fire resistant with a melting point three times higher than polyester
  • High resolution view through fiberglass
  • Light and thin – ideal for compact hardware systems
  • Made from natural resources (calcium, sand)

Why should I get fiberglass motorized blinds?

There are so many reasons why our motorized fiberglass shades are a worthwhile purchase to provide you with unparalleled comfort. Among all these reasons, here are a few:

  • They add a touch of aesthetics and comfort to your outdoor space.
  • They provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, providing extra protection for your family and friends.
  • They create additional outdoor living space for relaxing and entertaining.
  • They offer protection against bad weather, such as rain and wind, allowing you to enjoy your pergola even in less good weather.
  • They can be customized to your preference and style to delineate a space or as a focal point in your garden or yard.
  • They can be controlled remotely with the push of a button on a remote or smart phone.
  • They offer increased comfort, allowing you to adjust the desired height with the simple press of a button.
  • They are equipped with a motorization system and a rechargeable battery to save energy.
  • They can help save energy by reducing the heat inside your home on hot days.
  • They have a longer lifespan than traditional electric blinds, thanks to their durable and resistant fiberglass fabric.
  • They can be made in a variety of designs and types to fit your needs and budget.
  • They are easy to install and use, and can be the perfect solution for dressing up your motorized windows and window treatments.

Are our fiberglass motorized shades designed to withstand the elements?

Yes, fiberglass motorized shades are designed to withstand the elements. Fiberglass is a very strong and durable material that is used to make top quality blinds. Plus, our canvases are treated to be water and UV resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use. Our heavy-duty aluminum motorized blinds are also a great option for areas exposed to the weather, as they are corrosion and rust resistant.

How does the remote control option for motorized blinds work?

The remote control option for our motorized blinds is a convenient feature that makes it easy to control the opening and closing of the blinds from a distance. This option uses a simple joystick or remote control device to operate the motorized shade control mechanism. The fiberglass blinds are equipped with a motorized system that allows them to be opened and closed smoothly and quietly, thus offering optimal comfort of use.

This remote control option can also be integrated with home automation for efficient energy planning, helping to reduce energy costs while providing optimal solar protection.

Integration with home automation also offers a practical solution to meet the needs of your pergola in terms of solar protection and control of natural lighting.

Are motorized fiberglass blinds an effective solution for protecting outdoor spaces from the sun?

Yes, motorized fiberglass blinds are an effective solution for protecting outdoor spaces from the sun, as they are designed to provide effective sun protection with their strong and durable solar fabric. This reduces heat and protects against sun damage. harmful UV rays.

Why should I add motorized blinds to my pergola or patio?

Easy to use and highly effective against rain, wind and insects, motorized blinds can add a layer of comfort to your outdoor space. Made to fit perfectly into the metal structure of our pergolas, but also on all fixed structures, motorized fiberglass blinds are highly recommended to be able to use your space to the fullest. Allowing you to enjoy the beautiful outdoor temperature in the comfort of your home or under your pergola.

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How can motorized fiberglass shades be included in an energy plan for more efficient energy use?

Motorized fiberglass shades can be included in an energy plan for more efficient use of energy in several ways:

  • Automation: Motorized shades can be programmed to open and close automatically based on outside light and time of day, maximizing the use of natural light and minimizing the use of artificial lighting.
  • Thermal insulation: Fiberglass blinds can help reduce the amount of heat that enters rooms during the summer months, reducing the need for air conditioning. Likewise, during the winter months, they can help retain heat inside rooms, reducing the need for heating.
  • Light control: Motorized blinds allow precise control of the amount of light entering rooms, which can reduce eye strain and energy consumption from artificial lighting.
  • Energy management: Motorized blinds can be connected to energy management systems to enable more efficient use of energy. For example, blinds can be programmed to close automatically when the indoor temperature reaches a certain threshold, or to open when the outdoor temperature is cooler.
  • Remote control: Motorized blinds can be controlled remotely using a mobile app, allowing homeowners to adjust the blinds even when they are away from home. This can help optimize the use of natural light and reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

By including motorized fiberglass shades in an energy plan, it is possible to optimize the use of energy in a home or building, reducing energy costs and minimizing environmental impact.

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Learn more about motorized blinds

What are the benefits of motorized blinds?

Traditional window coverings just cannot compare to the level of convenience provided by motorized blinds. Without having to physically open and close each blind, motorized blinds make it simple to control the amount of light and privacy in your house with the push of a button. This is especially useful for windows that are difficult to access because they might be tricky to operate with standard blinds. 

Motorized blinds are also energy-efficient

Motorized blinds are not only practical, but also energy-efficient. Homeowners can cut their energy costs by controlling the quantity of natural light that enters a space. This reduces the demand for artificial lighting, heating, and cooling systems. This is crucial in regions with high energy costs or in the hot summer months, when cooling expenses can be particularly high.

Moreover, motorized blinds can increase house security. Homeowners may remotely operate their motorized blinds from away using their smart devices, giving the impression that someone is home. Due to the fact that it is difficult for potential intruders or burglars to ascertain whether the house is occupied, this can deter them.


What features should I look for when choosing motorized blinds?

Motor options

When choosing motorized blinds, there are a variety of features to consider that can help you determine the best model for your needs. One of the most important features to consider is the type of motor that powers the blinds. Some models may come with a quiet motor that operates smoothly and with minimal noise, while others may offer a stronger motor that is better suited for larger or heavier window treatments.

Power options

Another key feature to consider is the power options available for the motorized blinds. Some models may be powered by electricity, while others may offer the convenience of rechargeable batteries or even solar panels. Depending on your needs and preferences, you may want to consider which power option is best for your particular situation.

Installation requirements

In addition to motor and power options, it is important to consider installation requirements when selecting motorized blinds. Some models may require additional hardware or modifications to the window frame, while others may be designed to be installed easily and quickly without professional assistance.

Control options

Another important consideration when choosing motorized blinds is the control options available. Many models offer a variety of control options, including remote control, smartphone apps, and voice commands. 


What type of motors do motorized blinds use?

There are two primary motor kinds that are utilized when it comes to motorized blinds: AC (alternating current) motors and DC (direct current) motors. Since AC motors are frequently bigger and more powerful, they are perfect for bigger window coverings like vertical blinds or heavy shades. For smaller window treatments like roller shades or cellular shades, DC motors are an excellent alternative because they are more energy-efficient and smaller.

All motorized blinds are still made to be sleek and effective

No matter the motor type utilized, all motorized blinds are made to be effective and very discrete. As a result, you can move the position of your coverings without interfering with your everyday activities or making extra noise. Also, many motorized blinds are made to be strong and long-lasting, allowing you to benefit from your window treatments for many years to come.

In general, the kind of motor that will be utilized in your motorized blinds will depend on the precise model you select as well as the size and style of window treatment that you require. It’s critical to conduct thorough research and pick a motorized window treatment that is tailored to your unique requirements and tastes, whether that entails selecting a strong AC motor for bigger window coverings or a more compact DC motor for smaller shades or blinds. You can benefit from the comfort and convenience of automatic window coverings that are simple to use and long-lasting when the appropriate motorized blinds are installed.


How are motorized blinds installed?

Homeowners who wish to regulate their window treatments with a button prefer motorized blinds. Motorized blinds use a remote or smartphone app to open and close. Depending on your skill level and the complexity of the installation, motorized blinds can be installed professionally or DIY.

To choose the right motorized blinds, measure your pergola and outside space before installing. Custom sizing for non-standard window sizes are available for most motorized blinds. After measuring, buy your motorized blinds online.

Motorized blinds are installed differently depending on the type. Some models mount inside the window frame, while others mount outside. Some motorized blinds use batteries, while others need power. These installation steps apply to all motorized blinds:

  1. Gather the necessary tools and equipment. You’ll need a drill, a screwdriver, a level, and possibly a ladder depending on the height of your windows.
  2. Remove any existing window treatments. If you have traditional blinds or curtains, remove them before installing the motorized blinds.
  3. Install the mounting brackets. If your motorized blinds come with mounting brackets, you’ll need to install them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure the brackets are level and securely attached to the wall or window frame.
  4. Install the motorized blinds. Once the mounting brackets are installed, you can attach the motorized blinds to the brackets. Make sure the blinds are level and aligned correctly.
  5. Connect the power source. If your motorized blinds require a power source, you’ll need to connect them to an electrical outlet or have an electrician install a power source near the window.
  6. Program the remote. Most motorized blinds come with a remote control or a smartphone app that allows you to control the blinds. Follow the instructions to program the remote or app to work with your motorized blinds.

Test the blinds. Once the installation is complete, test the blinds to make sure they are opening and closing correctly. If there are any issues, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or contact a professional for assistance.


Do motorized blinds offer UV protection?

Beyond simply being practical and simple to operate, motorized blinds can offer a number of advantages. UV protection is among the key advantages of motorized blinds. In order to protect your furniture, carpeting, and other possessions from the sun’s damaging rays, many varieties of motorized blinds and shades can be made of specific materials that give UV protection.

UV protection is particularly crucial for living spaces that receive a lot of natural sunlight. Fabrics, furniture, and flooring can sustain fading, discoloration, and other sorts of damage over time from exposure to sunshine. Your outside space’s overall beauty and value may suffer as a result of this costly condition.

Motorized blinds can block the vast majority of the UV rays

You may assist stop this harm from happening by adding motorized blinds with UV protection. These blinds’ unique textiles can block up to 99% of dangerous UV rays, keeping your possessions looking great for longer. Furthermore, by obstructing UV rays, these blinds can keep your house cooler in the summer, lowering your energy bills and enhancing your comfort.

Make sure that your motorized blinds are made from high-quality fabrics

It’s crucial to look for motorized blinds with high-quality fabrics that are made to block UV radiation when choosing blinds with UV protection. To enhance the blinds’ effectiveness, you should also ensure that they are installed correctly. By hiring a professional installer, you can assist guarantee that your motorized blinds are properly placed and offer the UV protection you need to keep your home looking and feeling its best.


Are there cordless options for motorized blinds?

With good reason, cordless motorized blind alternatives are growing in popularity among homeowners. These blinds provide more comfort and security, as well as the ability to give your pergola a tidy, modern appearance.

Instead of using a conventional wire system to operate the blinds, cordless motorized blinds use a motor. This means that there are no cables or strings required because you may operate the blinds using a remote control or a smart device. This not only makes it simpler to control your blinds, but it also removes the chance that the wires would tangle or provide a safety issue.

There are several types of cordless motorized blinds options in the market

The market offers several different types of cordless motorized blinds, such as roller shades, cellular shades, solar shades, and more. Several of these blinds can be sized to precisely match your windows because they offer a bespoke fit. By doing so, you can make the most of your motorized blinds’ enhanced energy efficiency, increased privacy, and superior light control.

Cordless motorized blinds can give a great appearance to your pergola

Cordless motorized blinds are not only practical and secure, but they may also give your house a sleek, contemporary appearance. Your pergola can become a main point in the design of your garden since there are no cables or threads to distract from the sleek lines of your blinds. Also, many motorized blinds are available in a range of colors, allowing you to select the ideal match for the decor of your house.

Working with a professional installer is essential if you’re interested in cordless motorized blinds for your house to make sure the blinds are set up and installed correctly. By doing this, you can make sure that you get the maximum utility, security, and style out of your motorized blinds.


Can motorized blinds be programmed to my favorite position?

The simplicity with which you may customize your window coverings with motorized blinds is one of their many amazing benefits. Motorized blinds may be tailored to your exact requirements, whether you wish to increase privacy or allow in more natural light. To make it even simpler to get the precise amount of light and privacy you want, many motorized blinds may be set to open and close at your preferred position.

Motorized blinds can easily be adjusted by the press of a button

By pressing a button, you can easily programme your motorized blinds to open and close in your preferred position. You can use a remote control or a smart device to adjust your blinds to the level of openness or closure that you desire, then mark that setting as your preferred one. Without having to manually adjust your blinds every time, you may quickly retrieve this location after it has been programmed.

It’s crucial to pick a model with this capability if you want to configure your motorized blinds to open and close at a specific position. Many motorized blinds come with a single remote control that can operate every blind, making it simple to configure and change the position to your preference.