Outdoor fireplace Saint-Basile – Find the perfect luxury fireplace for your backyard

Add a stunning Dekko outdoor fire pit to your outdoor decor

Our selection of propane and natural gas fire pits lets you create a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for entertaining friends or intimate family moments, our fire pits allow you to extend the evening in comfort, no matter the season.

Made from lightweight concrete, our luxury fireplaces create a unique luxurious focal point.

Made in Canada from ultra-lightweight concrete, Dekko’s fire pits deliver a unique and natural handcrafted finish. Thanks to their additive-free design, they are versatile, durable, and can be enjoyed year-round while requiring no maintenance. Further, high-quality burners drain water, thus eliminating the risk of wear and tear or breakage.

Their lightweight construction makes Dekko’s fire pits easy to install in any environment, including rooftops, patios and commercial settings. Their unrivalled robustness will allow you to enjoy your outdoor gas fireplace for years to come, no matter the season.


Choose from our range of fireplace products or take advantage of our custom design service to create and design your dream fire pits .

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Our Dekko luxury outdoor fireplaces

All the fireplaces offered in Saint-Basile by Noblio are either outdoor propane fireplaces or outdoor gas fireplaces. Available in a variety of sizes and materials, our luxury outdoor fireplaces are sure to catch the eyes of your guests and keep you comfortable in any weather conditions.

Dekko outdoor fireplace

serenade Dekko outdoor fireplace

Dekko outdoor fireplace

sonoma Dekko outdoor fireplace

Dekko outdoor fireplace

Dekko outdoor fireplace

Several other models available on request.

How to choose the right fireplace for your outdoor space?

1. Consider the type of fuel used.

One of the most vital components of having a backyard fireplace is understanding what type of fuels it requires. Propane fireplaces and wood fire pits are very different, both in their usage and in the experience they provide. Noblio chose to offer gas fireplaces and propane fireplaces for their ease of use and the peace of mind they offer: as these combustible materials produce no smoke and no sparks, they are safe to use almost anywhere. Noblio’s luxury fire pits can be installed in backyards or on a covered patio without your permanent structures going up in flames.

2. Consider both the size of the fireplace and of your outdoor space.

You don’t want to purchase a fire­ pit that’s too big or too small. If it’s too big, it won’t fit or will use too much patio space, and if it’s too small, it won’t provide enough warmth for a cozy feeling. Take precise measurements and talk to experts before buying a fire pit so you know exactly what it looks like when it’s installed. Noblio’s fireplace experts can recommend fireplaces based on your outdoor living spaces to guarantee you have safe clearances to keep your patio’s seating area safe.

3. Make sure your fireplace will warm you up!

Outdoor fireplaces are all about comfort, especially in Quebec and Canada! Therefore, it is important to have a fireplace that can warm up your outdoor space. An outdoor fireplace’s heat output is measured using BTUs (British Thermal Unit) rating. The higher the Btu rating, the greater the amount of heating power provided. Fuel types will also affect this: while the heat from outdoor wood-burning fireplace is lost in the flue, gas or propane fireplaces heat you up extremely well and create a cozy seating area.

Choose an easy to use outdoor fireplace.

You probably don’t need to purchase something that’s so complicated that you rarely use it. Look for a fireplace that’s easy enough for you to operate that you’ll enjoy it instead of it becoming a chore. If you’re looking for a fireplace that requires no extra effort beyond turning it on and off, then Noblio’s propane or natural-fuel fireplace might be perfect for you.

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Why choose a propane or gas outdoor fire pit?

When deciding on an outdoor fireplace for your patio or backyard, you will be faced with three fuel options: wood, propane and natural gas.

  1. Wood: Traditional wood burning fireplaces are among the oldest types. They require the most maintenance. You may need to get permission from local authorities before installing one, and the smoke and sparks they produce can be considered a nuisance. They are not the most adapted fireplace for covered patios, for example, and you will need to continuously buy and stock firewood.
  2. Propane: Propane fuelled outdoor fire pit provides an excellent alternative to traditional wood burning stoves. It has a fuel tank that is easy to refill and remove, and they do not require a separate gas line. However, you may want to move towards a natural gas fire pit if you plan on using the fire pit frequently.
  3. Natural Gas: Natural gas burns cleaner than propane although it doesn’t burn as hot. It also doesn’t pool on the floor because natural gas is lighter (and less dense) than oxygen, so it floats above the floor. If you already have natural gas appliances at home, running a new gas line will be a simple matter. They also allow for very interesting outdoor fireplace designs.

Simply put, natural gas or propane outdoor fireplaces are often the most convenient solution for your backyard or patio in Saint-Basile. Do not hesitate to discuss further with our experts!

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