Outdoor Kitchen – Choose A Premium, High Quality Kitchen Tailored To Your Outdoor Space

A premium outdoor kitchen to savour life in fine company.

From trendy countertops to stylish and functional storage solutions to sumptuous kitchen islands, Noblio offers complete outdoor kitchens that will bring modern visual appeal to your patio, terrace or backyard..

Our turnkey service includes an assessment of your particular needs, the layout design and installation. Choose from a wide range of countertops, grills, appliances and materials to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. You won’t want summer to end when the outdoors is this nice.


Looking to build a premium kitchen to complete your outdoor space?

Choose a luxury outdoor kitchen by Noblio.

A well-designed outdoor kitchen can be the perfect centrepiece for any backyard. We offer premium outdoor kitchen cabinetry for grilling, storing, and enjoying meals outdoors, perfect for anyone who loves to entertain.

Find the Perfect Kitchen for Your Outdoor Space

Transform your outdoor space into the ultimate haven with the ideal outdoor kitchen. Explore a variety of grills, sinks, and design elements to create a functional kitchen that enhances your outdoor living experience.

Nothing Beats Expert Advice to Create the Ideal Outdoor Kitchen!

Elevate your outdoor kitchen with expert guidance. Our design consultants offer insights into the latest grills, sink cabinets, and stainless steel countertops, ensuring your outdoor kitchen is a perfect blend of functionality and style.

The Essential for Good Outdoor Kitchen Planning

Craft a seamless outdoor kitchen space by focusing on the essentials. From durable stainless steel cabinets to stylish design elements, discover how a well-planned outdoor kitchen can enhance your patio and overall quality of life.

A Quality Grill, Integrated in Your Design

Centralize your outdoor kitchen around a quality grill. Explore built-in grill options, gas grills, and grill accessories to design a cooking space that suits your lifestyle and brings the joy of outdoor grilling to your patio.

Storage and Sink

Efficient storage solutions and stylish sink cabinets are crucial elements of a well-designed outdoor kitchen. Explore how aluminum and stainless steel contribute to the durability and aesthetics of your outdoor cooking space.

Counter Space for Product Preparation

Maximize your outdoor kitchen’s functionality with ample counter space for product preparation. Discover how a stainless steel countertop can withstand the elements and provide the perfect surface for your outdoor cooking needs.

Refrigerated Storage

Ensure the freshness of your ingredients with refrigerated storage solutions. Explore the latest types of outdoor refrigerators that seamlessly integrate into your outdoor kitchen design.

More Than a Kitchen: An Outdoor Living Space!

Transform your outdoor kitchen into a true outdoor living space. Explore patio dining sets, stone veneer installations, and deck designs that extend the functionality of your outdoor kitchen, creating a space for relaxation and entertainment.

Optimize your outdoor kitchen space with Noblio’s experts

The essential features of an outdoor kitchen.

There are many special features to consider when it comes to building your outdoor kitchen and making it perfect for you and/or your family’s use. Here are the top additional features you can include when building your outdoor kitchen:

A grill.

The grill is the centrepiece of the whole outdoor kitchen experience! Our designer team can integrate outdoor grills into your outdoor kitchen deck design in the most efficient way possible. Built-in grill in your counter, grill islands: we have everything you need for an amazing experience.


Whether it is top cabinets or drawers, being able to store different tools and products in your outdoor kitchen is essential. At Noblio, we will ensure you have enough storage space for all the important components of the perfect outdoor kitchen experience: charcoal, barbecue tools,  grill accessories and more.

Counter space.

Cooking with limited counter space often becomes a challenge: make sure it is perfect for your needs with our turnkey outdoor kitchen design services! 

Refrigerated storage.

Refrigerators are a must in most outdoor kitchens, and Noblio can easily include one in your future outdoor kitchen unit! By integrating your outdoor refrigerators into your counters, we maximize your space and allow you to enjoy cold drinks and store food stress-free.

Anything that would complete your outdoor setup!

The beauty of working with turnkey outdoor kitchen design services is that you get exactly what you want! Noblio will design your kitchen based on your specific needs and demands, including cooking appliances but also the layout and any additional features:

  • Smoker;
  • Stainless Steel Grill;
  • Sink;
  • Stainless Steel Appliance;
  • Griddle;
  • Outdoor Burners;
  • Pizza oven;
  • Wine Fridge;
  • Ice maker;
  • Built-in blender;
  • Fire pit;
  • Gazebo;


How Much Does a Premium Outdoor Kitchen Cost?

Understand the costs associated with building your dream outdoor kitchen. From the materials used, such as stainless steel and aluminum, to the types of BBQ grills and additional cooking elements, our product experts provide insights into creating a budget-friendly yet stylish outdoor cooking space.

We provide our clients with an initial assessment of their outdoor kitchen followed by a detailed project plan and implementation.

Materials Used

Explore the durability and style of materials like stainless steel and aluminum for your outdoor kitchen. Learn how these elements contribute to the longevity and aesthetics of your space, ensuring a functional kitchen that stands the test of time.

Type of Barbecue

Discover the various types of BBQ grills, from gas grills to the popular Kamado Grill. Our product experts provide valuable insights into choosing the right barbecue to suit your outdoor cooking preferences.

Additional Cooking Elements

Enhance your outdoor kitchen with additional cooking elements such as smokers or outdoor grill islands. Explore how these elements can elevate your outdoor cooking experience and create a versatile space for culinary creativity.

Do You Need a Roof for a Premium Outdoor Kitchen?

You are investing in high-quality materials, such as stainless steel cabinets, make sure they last as long as possible! Adding a roof to your outdoor kitchen space offers many design options and provides shelter for you and your guests, extending the usability of your outdoor kitchen and ensuring a functional space in various weather conditions.

Want to learn more about Noblio’s turnkey outdoor kitchens?

Outdoor Kitchen Canada - Our Experts Suggestions

Discover a plethora of creative outdoor kitchen ideas to inspire your design. From basic patio kitchens to themed spaces like pizza kitchens and backyard sports bars, find the perfect concept to suit your style and elevate your outdoor living.

Basic Patio Kitchen

Explore the simplicity and functionality of a basic patio kitchen, designed to maximize your outdoor space. From aluminum cabinets to functional design elements, create a space that enhances your outdoor lifestyle.

Backyard Pizza Kitchen

Unleash your culinary creativity with a dedicated outdoor pizza kitchen. Learn about Kamado Grills, stone veneer installations, and design elements that turn your backyard into a pizza lover’s paradise.

Outdoor Kitchen Island

Optimize your outdoor kitchen layout with the addition of an island. Discover the functionality of outdoor kitchen islands, providing extra workspace, storage, and a centralized hub for cooking and entertaining.

Backyard Sports Bar

Combine your love for sports with outdoor cooking by creating a backyard sports bar. Explore design ideas that seamlessly blend entertainment, cooking, and socializing into one cohesive outdoor space, enhancing your outdoor living experience.

Outdoor Kitchen Canada – Work with the best for the design and installation of your kitchen!

Discover Noblio’s other services.

Outdoor fireplaces.

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